Pet Friendly Luxury Rehab


Remedy Wellbeing is beyond luxury rehab. A truly magnificent 6* mental health retreat and luxury rehab resort, treating just one client at a time (and their pets), in the most peaceful, serene and visually stunning properties in the World.


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Pet Friendly Rehab

Pet Friendly Luxury Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing is a pet friendly luxury rehab. The unique ‘one client at a time’ approach means that only one client (and their pet) at any one time will be resident at any of our 6-star luxury residences around the World.

For many loving pet owners it would simply be too much to leave their pet for the duration of their treatment, and would cause both our guest and their left behind pet too much emotional distress.

Often a guests pet is a major psychological support in their lives, back at home and it is only right this bond is reinforced.


Dog Friendly Luxury Rehab

What Pets are Allowed at Pet Friendly Luxury Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing was awarded Overall Winner, Worlds Best Luxury Rehab 2021 & 2022. The Remedy is without equal, and our programs and accommodations are unique and unmatched. Remedy Wellbeing is a Luxury Rehab that can accommodate any household pet and our staff have fallen in love with some amazing animals over the years. Pets at Remedy Wellbeing have truly helped their owners overcome drugs, alcohol and other addictions as well as anxiety, depression and burnout.

At Remedy Wellbeing Pet Friendly Luxury Rehab we can accomodate any household pet with their owner and will notify our Veterinarians of arrivals so they can receive a full check up on arrival, just like their owners.

Luxury Amenities at Pet Friendly Rehab

While we are able to accommodate any household pet at our Luxury Rehab treatment centers we find that dogs of all shapes and sizes are particularly useful to a guests recovery. So much so we decided to make a wellness program specifically for our four legged canine family members.

Upon arrival, all pets are given a medical check up by our resident Vet.

Many four legged guests have dry and cracked paws after traveling so every week they get pampered with a hydrating & relaxing paw massage that starts with a paw cleanse with relaxing and soothing dog shampoo, followed by our signature pupmassage to protect and moisture each paw – using our 100 percent Natural healing balm.

Our Remedy calming mist uses naturally relaxing dog fragrance infused with flower extracts and Chamomile and Vanilla for gorgeous fresh smelling pups.

Another rewarding treatment for dogs joining their owners at rehab is our Signature Remedy Wellbeing Fresh and Fluff; an indulgent half hour head to tail freshen up with application of shampoo spritz and wipe down, followed by a quick dry and a fragrance for in-between shampoos or pups who do not like bath.

Our Signature Luxury Face to Tail spa day is a complete pampering beauty session for your four legged family member including, facial, paw massage, full body fresh and finishing fragrance for a clean, soft and refreshed happy pup.

Remedy Wellbeing places great emphasis on nutritional restoration for human guests and we extend this nutrition to our pups. Our Food & Beverage team has prepared a healthy menu for dogs and we always have a selection of fresh gourmet treats available.

Remedy Wellbeing is the only addiction treatment center in the World with a dedicated ‘pets welcome’ policy. Remedy Wellbeing is described as being better than any luxury rehab in the World.

How Can Pets Help with Recovery at Luxury Rehab?

There are a number of treatments and therapies that you can participate in as part of your recovery. Animals can be useful and healing, especially while they are at an addiction treatment program with their pet parent. The bond between owners and pets one of the main sources of comfort and peace of mind in battling addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Owning and attending to a pet is a way to improve the luxury rehab experience. Having a pet to look after and care for is a big responsibility. You are accountable for the animal’s life and the responsibility of taking care of a pet can help your recovery. A pet can create and improve feelings of self-worth and build a positive mental attitude. Other benefits of attending a pet friendly rehab center include:

  • Clients can decrease the loneliness they feel
  • Pets offer a familiar feeling and make the surroundings more comfortable
  • A reduction of stress levels during addiction treatment
  • Improve feelings of self-worth and build a positive mindset
  • Offer increased levels of exercise and promote physical and mental well-being

Sometimes, a particular family member, friend, or loved one has mixed feelings about an addiction. They may be holding onto feelings or disappointment. But your pets are not going to hold on to your dependency. This kind of honest acceptance is just one more advantage during your recovery. Recovery is a tough road, and it can leave you feeling alone. Having a pet come along for the ride makes it comforting knowing that you always have a devoted companion on your life changing journey.

You can vent feelings of loneliness, frustration, or even just generally enjoy yourself with an animal companion. Many pets have benevolent personalities, and they can affect their owners in similar ways. This may cause the owners to smile, and overall raise the spirits. Your pets can boost the serotonin levels in your brain simply by waving their tails or by licking your cheeks. Serotonin is a key hormone that keeps our mood, feelings of happiness, and wellbeing stable.

Having a pet around you during your recovery process may help combat the decrease in serotonin levels many recovering addicts experience. Bringing a pet into a pet-friendly recovery facility helps the person restore or regain feelings of responsibility. There are a number of physical, emotional, and health benefits to owning a pet. These benefits may serve as sources of strength for individuals struggling with substance use disorder. Animals provide a feeling of stability and love for an addict who feels like he or she lacks trust or respect. In such cases, animals can keep individuals from losing control during tough times or relapses in recovery.

Worlds Best Luxury Rehab

Awarded Worlds Best Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing was awarded Overall Winner, Worlds Best Luxury Rehab 2021 & 2022. The Remedy is without equal, and our programs and accommodations are unique and unmatched by any Luxury Rehab in the World

Winner of Worlds Best Rehab

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Luxury Alcohol Rehab

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Remedy Wellbeing is the only six-star rehab in the World to not prescribe abstinence. Many individuals are simply looking to cut down on their alcohol consumption and many are looking to quit for health reasons but are finding themselves unable. Of course, for many of our guests abstinence is required due to the grave medical situations in which they find themselves, but not all. Remedy Wellbeing helps you live life according to your highest values, whatever those values are.

Our unique approach is discreet, non-judgemental, and stress-free. If you feel that you, or someone you care about would benefit from being our guest, feel free to contact us:

US: +1 424 781 3166
UK: +44 3333 03 4180
HK: +852 8197 7307
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