Luxury Rehab in Greece

Remedy Wellbeing is beyond luxury rehab in Greece. A truly magnificent 6* mental health retreat and luxury rehab resort, treating just one client at a time, in the most peaceful, serene and visually stunning locations Worldwide.
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Understanding Luxury Rehab in Greece

Best Luxury Rehab in Greece

Greece is a popular destination for individuals seeking to kick drugs and alcohol and is the ideal place for guests to find the help they need. Whether it is drug and alcohol, sex addiction, gambling, Internet and gaming, or other forms of mental health disorders, Remedy Wellbeing Luxury Rehab serving Greece has specialists capable of helping, on a truly individualized basis.

Remedy Wellbeing Greece is not just a 6-star luxury rehab for individuals seeking recovering from addiction, it is a center for people looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, the programs in Greece are also centered around nutrition, diet, and fitness. Remedy Wellbeing is not simply an escape from a life of anxiety, depression, addiction or burnout. It is the return to a life well lived.

Local Luxury Rehab Near Me

Remedy Wellbeing Luxury Rehab Greece is the World’s most exclusive addiction treatment and mental health retreat. Awarded Overall Winner: Worlds Best Rehab 2021 & 2022 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine and’s Rehab of the Year 2022.

Remedy Wellbeing is beyond luxury rehab. A truly unique and magnificent 6* mental health retreat and luxury rehab resort serving guests from Greece, treating just one client at a time.

Unique and luxury rehab in Greece provides a stay similar to a six-star resort. Residents and guests will find lush grounds, beautiful swimming pools, and fitness rooms that increase the recovery experience. Residential treatment centers such as Remedy Wellbeing have expert programs that treat the entire patient and not just the addiction for a short-time. Holistic and evidence-based treatments give patients in Greece the chance to heal underlaying issues and trauma.

What to Expect at Luxury Rehab in Greece

Remedy Wellbeing is not simply an escape from a life of addiction in Greece. It is the return to a life well lived.

Where rugged luxury meets therapeutic freedom. A place to connect with something larger than oneself.

A private haven for the talented, creative, bold and enigmatic to reconnect with themselves and end addiction.

Arrive with an open heart, and leave changed forever.  This is recovery with a purpose. A destination with meaning.  This is the REMEDY

Remedy Wellbeing is the world’s most luxurious rehab center serving guests from Greece, where everything is tailored so that your needs are met, and you can truly allow your mind, body, and soul to heal.

With a wide range of suites and treatments on offer, and many experts on hand to guide you every step of the way, Remedy Wellbeing has made a name for itself as the epitome of luxury rehab care and healing in Greece.

Remedy Wellbeing Luxury rehab in Greece offers luxury facilities to rival those of any 6-star hotel while ensuring that guests have everything they need to make them comfortable.

Who Can Afford Luxury Rehab in Greece?

Luxury Rehab costs vary significantly. Remedy Wellbeing is the most expensive rehab in the World. A fully inclusive stay at Remedy Wellbeing costs USD $304,000 per week. Guests at Luxury Rehab in Greece include high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, politicians, military leaders and those subject to intense media scrutiny. Many HNWIs in Greece seek upscale treatment and luxury substance use disorder treatment programs that offer a variety of services that go beyond traditional rehabilitation activities in Greece.

Are all Luxury Rehabs in Greece the Same?

Not all Luxury Rehabs in Greece are created equal. They can be categorized as tier one and tier two establishments. Greece tier one establishments are more typically single client rehabs, treating one client at a time. Greece tier two luxury rehabs tend to have some facilities and amenities that could be considered luxurious yet cater more to the budget end of the market in Greece with group based treatment.

Remedy Wellbeing is standalone in the World and without equal. It is beyond tier one to an extent the phrase ‘luxury rehab’ no longer applies. Described by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine as an exceptional, life changing experience.

Remedy Wellbeing is unique in that it has no equals. Described by as ‘unquestionably the most exclusive and successful luxury rehab serving Greece’, Remedy Wellbeing deploys an approach that is confidential, discrete and non-judgemental with the aim of quickly identifying any underlying traumas and addiction causation. The team examines every element of dysfunctional behavior to successfully treat the mental, physical and spiritual self.

Remedy Wellbeing provides concierge care to busy professionals and executives in Greece who may only have a short time to focus on health and wellness, as well as individuals who want to concentrate on improving the overall quality of life.

Luxury Rehabs in Greece often tout the phrase ‘Malibu model’ to describe their individual treatment but it is worth noting the essence of truly personalized care is not necessarily guaranteed by the other tier one and tier two rehabs in Greece that claim it.

How Will Luxury Rehab in Greece be Able to Help Me?

Remedy Wellbeing Greece deploys an approach that is confidential, discreet and non-judgemental with the aim of quickly identifying the underlying traumas and addiction causation. The team examine every element of dysfunctional behavior patters to successfully treat the mental, physical and spiritual self.

Remedy Wellbing Greece covers major pillars of treatment:

  • Medical Supervision
  • Intense Psychotherapy
  • Value, Determination & Process Approach
  • Biomolecular Restoration
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Treatment
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • 360 Degree Hollistic methods
  • Spiritual Connection

Before these core pillars of treatment can begin, clients usually undergo a full medical detox in discrete surroundings in Greece. Detox is medically supervised by leading Greece detox physicians and a full Critical Care Support Team. The REMEDY is at it’s most effective when customized around a clients needs, for a duration of between 30 and 360 days.

Many individuals in Greece are unhappy with how they look, feel or perform. Often there’s an underlying reason. This is your chance to get the latest intel on what’s going on inside you so we can get you moving in the right direction. Using the latest smart technology, our wellness experts in Greece will measure your inner health, movement and sleep patterns and ensure that your program is designed to your specific needs.

Sound therapies like binaural beats and mindfulness practices like meditation promote emotional regulation and stress reduction. Studies show that meditation practice can alter our epigenome to promote longer healthspans. We also integrate carefully selected nootropics, vitamins and nutrients into your daily diet to boost your mental performance and recovery

We encourage you to look at yourself in a new light and appreciate and celebrate your own beauty. Along the way, we invite you to change and foster positive intentions and habits in your daily life through more active and self-guided practices.

Is Luxury Rehab in Greece Private?

Remedy Wellbeing Luxury Rehab serving Greece is renowned for its absolute, dedicated attention and precision, honesty and transparency in a warm and empathetic environment. The treatment center serving guests from Greece truly offers an holistic, 360 degree, mind, body and soul rebalancing and restoration. We achieve this through a unique combination of medical and psychiatric care and Biomolecular Restoration, alongside exceptional service, accommodation, complementary therapies and hospitality.

Can My Family Join My Greece Stay at Luxury Rehab?

Our award winning Family program is the only type of its kind in Greece to put the family first. It is not an adjunct to someone suffering from addiction issues. Many so-called Luxury Rehabs in Greece include families in the wrong way. They seek to ‘teach’ the family what to expect and how to support someone suffering from Substance Use Disorder. At Remedy Wellbeing guests from Greece are welcome top bring their family. We only treat one client at any one time on a sole occupancy basis at one of our Greece properties or at any property in our Remedy Wellbeing Global Portfolio.

Clients from Greece who choose to travel to an International Rehab are welcome to experience our Signature Remedy Wellbeing Experience in Thailand or Spain, and guests and their families are welcome aboard the Remedy’s own 125ft yacht which sails the Andaman Ocean. Family pets are also welcome at Remedy Wellbeing Luxury Rehab.

Can I Work While at Luxury Rehab in Greece

Most rehabs in Greece forbid the use of mobile phones, devices and outside communication. All too often rehabs in Greece use the promise of outside contact as some kind of reward for good behavior. Remedy Wellbeing Greece is not that kind of center. At Remedy Wellbeing gusts are free to carry on their business commitments at our state of the art business centers.

6* treatment serving Greece

Non 12-Step Treatment in Greece

Remedy Wellbeing rejects the idea of rehabs in Greece charging significant fees for a 12-Step model. This approach compounds the revolving door of relapse and rehab in Greece. Remedy Wellbeing is the World’s most progressive program of all-round mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Remedy Wellbeing in Greece does not prescribe nor demand abstinence. Nor does our residential program serving guests from Greece include any groups or recovery oriented meetings.

Dual Diagnosis Luxury Rehab in Greece

Although dual diagnosis is not a specific, single, diagnosis, there is a growing recognition in Greece that co-occurring conditions affect each other, and recovery from both is much more likely when treated together. Dual diagnosis, sometimes referred to as a co-occurring condition or co-morbidity, is when two different conditions are diagnosed as occurring at the same time in the same person.

Mental health conditions and addictions frequently co-occur. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that, in 2022, 8.3% of individuals suffering from Substance Use Disorder in Greece have a dual diagnosis. However, it is thought that only about half would have received treatment in Greece for either condition. Remedy Wellbeing Greece are Dual Diagnosis experts.

Luxury Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Me

Do I have a dual diagnosis?

The only way to find out is to get a diagnosis from a medical professional in Greece. If a guest has a dual diagnosis each co-occurring condition needs to be diagnosed independently according to the relevant medical criteria, usually those listed in the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Any conditions can co-occur. However, the most frequent conditions that appear in a dual diagnosis with an addiction in Greece is burnout, depression and anxiety. Other frequently seen conditions included bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders and schizophrenia.

While it might seem overwhelming to receive a dual diagnosis for most people in Greece it can be a relief. Instead of being overwhelmed by a set of symptoms and difficulties, a dual diagnosis can mark the beginning of recovery. The dual diagnosis can help make recovery a realistic goal. Having a co-occurring disorder feels exactly the same as having a regular disorder because it is a regular disorder.

One of the reasons so many people in Greece are relieved, even pleased, about a dual diagnosis is because it means they can understand the cause of specific symptoms, identifying which are a result of an addiction and which are a result of a mental health condition. This will generally be accompanied by awareness of how the individual symptoms affect each condition, depression for example, might affect an addiction because the low mood is a trigger for addictive behavior.

What is Luxury Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

There is no standard treatment for dual diagnosis in Greece, and it will depend on the conditions diagnosed. Ultimately, the conditions will be treated individually, so a patient with drug addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder in Greece, for example, would receive two sets of treatment in parallel.The benefist of luxury dual diagnosis treatment in Greece is that treatment can be delivered in a highly individualized manner. In regular normal rehab in Greece this is not always possible. Usually normal rehabs in the local area have a high occupancy rate and their treatment programs are designed to treat the largest volume of people possible in the shortest time-frame.

Treatment and recovery has to manage the process taking into account both conditions and the effects of treatment. A common condition like depression, for example, can be treated with therapy or drugs. Using drugs, however, might be complicated by natural changes in the brain as a result of detox and recovery from addiction. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know, for certain, how effective medications may be or what side effects they may have on an individual, and a co-occurring condition makes this even harder. A clinician would, therefore, have to consider several factors and monitor for the effects of any medications, constantly re-assessing to ensure the desired outcome was being achieved.

Do I Need Inpatient Rehab in Greece for Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis does not necessarily mean treatment as an inpatient at a residential facility in Greece is necessary, but it does make it more likely. Just like a single diagnosis the main factors will be the severity of the conditions and the length of time the patient has suffered from them. In some cases, just one of the conditions might indicate an inpatient stay in Greece is necessary. In other cases, where the conditions are mild or moderate it might be possible to treat both while the patient remains at home. A stay in a Greece residential facility means that there is always help on hand to safely manage any difficulties in the recovery process.

Is Luxury Dual Diagnosis Treatment Successful?

There is no reason for dual diagnosis treatment in Greece to be any less successful than treatments for individual conditions. However, it is important to use a facility or service that can offer a full dual diagnosis treatment. Many facilities in Greece will specialize in specific conditions. While they might offer treatment options that appear beneficial, they will not necessarily tailor for dual diagnoses conditions. For example, therapy for addiction may have some benefit for patients in Greece with other mental health conditions, but it is not a treatment for them. Using a treatment facility serving Greece that can offer an accurate diagnosis, and then treatment options, is the best way to maximize the chances of a successful recovery.

Luxury Alcohol Treatment in Greece

Treating Alcohol Dependence in Greece

Remedy Wellbeing is the Worlds most progressive program serving Greece. It does not follow a 12-Step regime. Recovery from alcohol addiction is a lifelong process. The aim of treatment is not just to detox a patient, but to prepare them to return home to an environment in Greece where alcohol use is common, and often an integral part of the culture. Luxury alcohol treatment has three broad stages: comfortable detox, luxury rehabilitation and sustainable recovery. How these look will vary enormously, depending on factors like the severity and length of the addiction and physical factors like size and gender.

Luxury Rehab in Greece for Families

Our award winning Family program in Greece is the only type of its kind in the World to put the family first. Many so-called Luxury Rehabs in Greece include families in the wrong way. They seek to ‘teach’ the family what to expect and how to support someone suffering from Substance Use Disorder.

Families in Greece already know what it’s like to live with and manage the emotions of someone trapped in the chaos and unpredictability of active addiction. Partners know only too well the sense of helplessness, anger and frustration as they try to retain a sense of normality within the family and to the outside World. Here in Greece, with a 24/7 team of clinical experts and physicians, families of all ages can repair the broken circuitry of life under the expert guidance of our family therapy team. We invite all our client families to spend time at our facility, making use of the exceptional facilities and enjoing a well earned rest while their loved one attends our recovery program.

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What Conditions are Treated at Luxury Rehab in Greece?

Luxury Rehab in Greece treats more conditions with greater depth and with more long term success. Remedy Wellbeing luxury rehab was awarded Worlds Best Rehab 2022 and specializes in treating the following conditions:

Alcohol Treatment
Anger Management
Narcissistic Relationship Survival
Relationship Breakdown
Life Crisis
Cocaine Addiction
Smoking Cessation
OxyContin Addiction
Tramadol Addiction
Internet Addiction
Dating App Addiction
Weight Management
Fentanyl Addiction
Xanax Abuse
Hydrocodone Recovery
Benzodiazepine Addiction
Sex Addiction
Eating Disorder
Anti-Social Personality
Celebrity / Fame Pressure

Greece Luxury Rehab Facilities

Remedy Wellbeing Luxury Rehab offers facilities to rival those of any 6-star hotel while ensuring that guests have everything they need to make them comfortable. Remedy Wellbeing is not your typical Greece rehab. In fact, there are few, if any, rehabs like it around. Remedy provides guests with world-class programs to improve their mental and physical health. Despite being labeled as a ‘rehab’, Remedy Wellbeing is much more than a place to quit drugs and alcohol.

The rehab is the six-star experience perfect for members of Royal Families, celebrities, public figures, politicians, the world’s rich and famous, and other high-profile individuals in Greece. The facilities at Remedy Wellbeing include:

Surf Lessons from a Pro
PADI Lessons
Tennis Court
Personal Massage
Personal Yogini
Outdoor Theater
Ocean Swimming
Personal Trainer
Fine Dining
Cell Regeneration
Remedy Yacht
Island hopping
Private Chef
Outdoor Dining
Chinese Medicine
Ice Skating
Extensive Spa
Walking Trails
Gourmet Dining
Internet Access
Outdoor lounge
Jet Bikes
Muay Thai Training
Hot Yoga
Sound Therapy
Mountain Bike Trails
Fitness Center
Business Center, Computers

Best Luxury Rehab in Greece

Best Luxury Rehab in Greece

Remedy Wellbeing is rated Number One in 2022 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine and is unquestionably the most exclusive and luxurious Rehab serving Greece.