Luxury Rehab for Couples


Remedy Wellbeing is beyond luxury rehab. A truly magnificent 6* mental health retreat and luxury rehab resort, treating just one client at a time (and their pets), in the most peaceful, serene and visually stunning properties in the World.


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Luxury Rehab for Couples

Luxury Rehab for Couples

Remedy Wellbeing is the only Luxury Rehab facility in the World to have a dedicated Couples Rehab program at their majestic 6-star properties. Here, a team of expert and talented staff who are dedicated to helping couples break free from addiction. Our therapists help them to reverse addictive habits, by focusing on the root causes of their addictions, and helping them to work through and treat those underlying issues. We teach couples to help one another recovery from addiction together, providing effective coping skills and recovery tools.


Couples Luxury Rehab

Luxury Rehab for Couples at Remedy Wellbeing

Reconnect and reinvigorate your senses in places of incredible natural beauty, with meaningful treatment experiences, empathetic hospitality and pioneering wellness woven into the fabric of every Luxury Remedy Wellbeing property.

In this world of disconnection, reconnection between two peopel in a relationship doesn’t happen on its own. You have to define how you want to connect. First of all inside yourself, but also outwards, to your partner and world around you. That’s why we’re inviting you both on a journey of discovery through your body, mind and heart to rekindle your relationships with each other and love for the natural world.

Experience a layered approach to wellness in tune with your natural flow. Find harmony and balance from the inside out and outside in. Our high-tech and high-touch approach takes you as deep into your relationship as you would like to go – from core beauty that changes the way you look, to personalized wellness programs that can change your whole outlook on life, and each other.

From the food you eat to the way you sleep and the earth beneath your feet, wellness is integrated into your whole Remedy Wellbeing Luxury Rehab experience. We aim to enhance every aspect of your experience so you feel immediate, real benefits however long your stay.

History of Couples Rehab

In previous years, the belief was that couples where both partners had substance use disorders would need to approach treatment separately. The idea was that each individual, independently from the other, should address his or her own substance issues on his or her own, in separate treatment settings. It was felt that having both partners together at the treatment center would distract them and could make it difficult to get through treatment. This theory was found to be without any real merit, although regrateably this mentally still exists in many other so-called luxury rehabs.

Progressive Luxury Couples Rehab

Currently, couples rehabilitation programs are built around the idea that both partners can process through the recovery process together, as well as working through core relationship issues that need to be worked through in order to maintain recovery. If those issues are not addressed, or given a roadmap to continue moving forward, then all of the stressors, disappointments, and dysfunctions of a relationship soon lead the parties back into relapse. At Remedy Wellbeing, our luxury couples rehabilitation programs aim to coach partners in developing more effective communication skills, as well as demonstrating and practicing conflict resolution techniques. Issues such as codependence, enabling, and other destructive behaviors that commonly accompany couples addiction are identified and replaced with new, healthier ways of being with each other, which helps solidify recovery.

Couples in Recovery

As one anothers main sources of support, couples in recovery will keep an eye on one another and encourage one another, all the while being held accountable by one another. Our programs are designed for couples in which both partners are suffering from substance use disorder. Our programs are totally customized to each individual couple that we treat. After the completion of the rehabilitation program, you and your partner will come back a beautiful couple with a deeper connection, tolerance, and mutual support for one another, helping your relationship succeed and thrive well into the future.

Remedy Wellbeing is rated Number One by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine and is unquestionably the most successful, exclusive and luxurious Rehab experience in the World. The REMEDY is where you’ll find the best staff, the most leading-edge therapeutic techniques & the most luxurious rehab facilities to support and cushion guests through a metamorphosis of complete restoration.

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Worlds Best Luxury Rehab

Awarded Worlds Best Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing was awarded Overall Winner, Worlds Best Luxury Rehab 2021 & 2022. The Remedy is without equal, and our programs and accommodations are unique and unmatched by any Luxury Rehab in the World

Winner of Worlds Best Rehab

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Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing is the only six-star rehab in the World to not prescribe abstinence. Many individuals are simply looking to cut down on their alcohol consumption and many are looking to quit for health reasons but are finding themselves unable. Of course, for many of our guests abstinence is required due to the grave medical situations in which they find themselves, but not all. Remedy Wellbeing helps you live life according to your highest values, whatever those values are.

Our unique approach is discreet, non-judgemental, and stress-free. If you feel that you, or someone you care about would benefit from being our guest, feel free to contact us:

US: +1 424 781 3166
UK: +44 3333 03 4180
HK: +852 8197 7307
[email protected]

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Alexander Stuart is the Chairman & CEO of Remedy Wellbeing Hotels™ Under his leadership as CEO, Remedy Wellbeing Hotels™ received the accolade of Overall Winner: Worlds Best Wellness Hotel 2023 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine. Because of his incredible work, the hotel is the world’s first $1 million-plus exclusive retreat, providing an escape for individuals and families requiring absolute discretion such as Celebrities, Sportspeople, Executives, Royalty, Entrepreneurs and those subject to intense media scrutiny.