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Remedy Wellbeing is the Worlds best private luxury rehab. A truly magnificent 6* mental health retreat and luxury rehab resort, treating just one client at a time (and their pets), in the most peaceful, serene and visually stunning properties in the World.


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Understanding Luxury Private Rehab

Luxury Single Client Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing private luxury rehab deploys an approach that is confidential, discreet and non-judgemental with the aim of quickly identifying any underlying traumas and addiction causation. The expert team of dedicated therapeutic staff examine every element of dysfunctional behavior to successfully treat the mental, physical and spiritual self.

Remedy Wellbeing provides concierge care to busy individuals who may only have a short time to focus on health and wellness, as well as individuals who want to concentrate on improving the overall quality of life.

Luxury Private Rehab at Remedy Wellbeing

Worlds Best Private Rehab

For those struggling with dependency issues, co-occurring disorders, chronic pain, failure to launch, or other conditions, we are experts at illuminating a clear path for wellness. We help from diagnosis to treatment and maintaining optimal health.

The REMEDY covers major pillars of treatment:

  • Medical Supervision
  • Intense Psychotherapy
  • Value, Determination & Process Approach
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Treatment
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • 360 Degree Holistic treatments
  • Spiritual Connection

The center provides a private luxury retreat for individuals requiring absolute discretion; Politicians, Executives, Royalty, Entrepreneurs and those subject to intense media scrutiny. Remedy Wellbeing only ever treats one client at a time and is widely considered to be the ultimate luxury private rehab experience.

What are Private Rehabilitation Programs?

Private rehabilitation programs receive their funding from a private source – that is, the enrollment fees of the individuals enrolled.

They have financial incentives to produce results, and they rely on people to refer their friends and families. They generally have ample financial resources, which is why they are able to provide patients with a broad range of treatment options and keep their staff-to-patient ratios down. Costs can be higher, but the benefits are worth the cost to some.

Drug and alcohol rehab has come a long way, with individuals now finding that they have an abundance of treatment services and options for recovering. For those seeking a private rehab program, there are numerous facilities offering exceptional, high-quality care, which does not skimp on helping a person build a new, substance-free life. State-run or publicly funded rehab programs generally obtain funding through three sources: Federal Substance Abuse Grants, Medicaid reimbursement, and state appropriations for providing treatment services to individuals in need. These facilities are usually only accessible to residents of a given state, and are intended for individuals who cannot afford to pay for all treatment themselves (or do not have adequate insurance coverage).

Despite the important services offered by state-run rehab programs, they come with limitations. Because they are low-cost (or even free) organizations, treatment requests frequently outpace their capacities, so individuals may need to wait to receive care. For someone seeking immediate assistance with a drug or alcohol problem, that is clearly not ideal.

On the other end of the spectrum are private therapy and rehab programs, which comprise a large portion of the nations treatment centers. In the U.S., 49.8 percent of treatment centers function as privately owned non-profit facilities, while 40.7 percent operate as privately owned for-profit rehab facilities. Patients are responsible for paying the full cost of treatment either through insurance (commercial, Medicare, or Medicaid), out-of-pocket, or some combination of both methods in privately owned facilities. Treatment runs the gamut from more affordable care offered by non-profits to luxurious facilities with many amenities provided by some for-profit facilities.

Because financing comes from the private sector and donors, private treatment facilities are generally able to afford a wider array of treatment options and more individualized care. Private facilities typically have lower staff-to-patient ratios, which allows doctors and other personnel to provide patient-specific care.

While these centers can still have waiting lists, they are usually shorter than waiting lists for treatment in public facilities. Private, for-profit facilities can accept commercial insurance (71.8 percent accepted private health insurance in 2020), but they are less accepting of Medicare (33.7 percent) and Medicaid (56.1 percent). Private non-profit treatment centers are generally cheaper.

People who are in rehab have a far better chance at recovery if they are able to be in environments that are supportive of healing, as well as supporting mental and emotional health. Because private treatment centers are scattered throughout the U.S., individuals have a great opportunity to find one near or in the desired location. Private facilities, often located in isolated areas, surrounded by nature, offer serene environments where clients can heal both their bodies and their souls.

Some can feel a bit like resorts. Such programs can provide activities like outdoor recreation, yoga classes, or swimming, all activities that can benefit clients physically, in addition to their minds. Community facilities, in contrast, are typically located in densely-populated, urban areas, with the attendant noise and other distractions.

Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), behavioral and mental health services are an essential health benefit; therefore, each health plan is required to cover behavioral health treatments, behavioral and mental health hospital services, and substance use disorder treatments. Public treatment programs can only provide fixed-length residential treatment programs for addictions (although some private facilities also operate under this model). Private substance abuse and addiction treatment facilities, by contrast, generally allow individuals to get treatment as long as they need — and can afford.

Private centers also may offer optional groups and activities, including arts and music activities, mindfulness programs, cooking, and exercise, as part of the treatment. Some private treatment centers may offer food options with a fine dining experience, as well as private rooms to provide some privacy, which can be extremely important during peak withdrawal symptoms–nausea, fever, muscle cramps, insomnia, and depression.

The costs for private substance abuse treatment programs vary greatly. There are options for assistance with costs, including private health insurance, self-pay, payment plans, financial assistance, and sliding fee scales, as well. In the long run, rehabilitation is not nearly as expensive as drug and alcohol addiction.

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Worlds Best Luxury Rehab

Awarded Worlds Best Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing was awarded Overall Winner, Worlds Best Luxury Rehab 2021 & 2022. The Remedy is without equal, and our programs and accommodations are unique and unmatched by any Luxury Rehab in the World

Winner of Worlds Best Rehab

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Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing is the only six-star rehab in the World to not prescribe abstinence. Many individuals are simply looking to cut down on their alcohol consumption and many are looking to quit for health reasons but are finding themselves unable. Of course, for many of our guests abstinence is required due to the grave medical situations in which they find themselves, but not all. Remedy Wellbeing helps you live life according to your highest values, whatever those values are.

Our unique approach is discreet, non-judgemental, and stress-free. If you feel that you, or someone you care about would benefit from being our guest, feel free to contact us:

US: +1 424 781 3166
UK: +44 3333 03 4180
HK: +852 8197 7307
[email protected]

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Alexander Stuart is the Chairman & CEO of Remedy Wellbeing Hotels™ Under his leadership as CEO, Remedy Wellbeing Hotels™ received the accolade of Overall Winner: Worlds Best Wellness Hotel 2023 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine. Because of his incredible work, the hotel is the world’s first $1 million-plus exclusive retreat, providing an escape for individuals and families requiring absolute discretion such as Celebrities, Sportspeople, Executives, Royalty, Entrepreneurs and those subject to intense media scrutiny.