Luxury Alcohol Rehab Treatment


Remedy Wellbeing is the Worlds best luxury alcohol rehab. A truly magnificent 6* mental health retreat and luxury rehab resort, treating just one client at a time (and their pets), in the most peaceful, serene and visually stunning properties in the World.


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Understanding luxury alcohol rehab

Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Recovery from alcohol use disorder is always the number one priority at Remedy Wellbeing, the World’s Most Exclusive Alcohol Treatment Center and Overall Winner of World’s Best Rehab 2022. Guests enjoy a non-judgmental, discreet and individual program of recovery from a range of addiction & mental wellness concerns.

Remedy Wellbeing is a non 12-step alcohol treatment center and we do not prescribe abstimnence. Many guests choose to quit alcohol although they are never forced.


Luxury Alcoholism Rehab

Understanding The Need For Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol use disorder can impact any person, regardless of age, race, social class, or financials. Alcohol is frequently used as an emotional crutch, to mask and dull the mental health issues and underlying grief.  For many, the effects of prolonged alcohol use causes both physical and mental health problems. If these problems are left untreated, symptoms are progressive, and get worse over time. With professional care and attention, no matter how hopeless a situation seems, recovery is indeed possible.

Do I Have to Quit Alcohol For Good After Rehab?

Remedy Wellbeing is the only six-star rehab in the World to not prescribe abstinence. Many individuals are simply looking to cut down on their alcohol consumption and many are looking to quit for health reasons but are finding themselves unable. Of course, for many of our guests abstinence is required due to the situation in which they find themselves, but not all. Remedy Wellbeing helps you live life according to your highest values, whatever those values are.

If Alcohol Gets Too Much We Are Here

At Remedy Wellbeing, we don’t judge you. We nurture recovery through empathy and a sensitive, holistic approach. Rest assured, discrteion and confidentiality is at the loving heart of the REMEDY. We look for the root causes of such dependencies to understand and identify triggers for behaviour.Our medical teams will do a full DNA screen for additive tendencies and work out what substances to avoid. We’re here to meet you on your level and our nurturing team work with you to return you to a life well lived.

Remedy Wellbeing takes a 360-degree approach to examine the function of drinking in your life, to bring the full picture into focus.

We then treat the entire person – mind, body and energy. We do this through approaches like psychotherapy, Biomolecular Restoration, complementary therapies, and spiritual counselling.

Remedy Wellbeing is not just an escape from a life of alcohol use, it is the return to a live well lived.

Worlds Best Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Recovering from alcohol use disorder is hard, but recovery does not need to be harsh. The REMEDY was conceptualized as the Worlds most progressive program. It does not follow a 12-Step regime.

Sustainable wellness and health demands an inspiring, individually tailored treatment program with abstinence not being prescribed nor demanded. Remedy guides clients to live life according to their own values.

Remedy Wellbeing is rated Number One by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine and is unquestionably the most successful, exclusive and luxurious Rehab experience in the World.

The REMEDY is where you’ll find the best staff, the most leading-edge therapeutic techniques & a raft of scientific and holistic approaches to support and cushion patients through a metamorphosis of complete restoration.

We practice non-judgement and shame-free communication, never arguing or using confrontation. Above all, it is our mission to treat our guests with dignity and kindness, showing them the support, connection, and love they need to feel free and thrive.

Therapeutic modality at REMEDY does not prescribe nor demand abstinence. Nor does our residential program include any groups or recovery oriented meetings.

For many guests a life of abstinence is both unmanageable and unworkable, although for health reasons many guests do choose abstinence after restoration as we unravel faulty changes that have been hardwired into the brain’s reward oriented neural pathways.

Remedy’s truly exceptional & World Class program includes rehab experiences such as a private yacht, horse riding and equine therapy on the beach, spearfishing, apnea freediving, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ adventures on deserted islands, and seaplane adventures to faraway lands, all replete in majestic 6* luxury.


When treating clients on a truly individual basis no single therapeutic approach or modality can be relied upon to deliver the desired results.There is no catchall recovery method, and certainly no silver bullet to end addiction.


The Remedy Wellbeing team work on the principle that no one modality alone can deliver an end to destructive addictive behavior and so take a truly integrated approach to treatment, with exceptional success.


The REMEDY is a broad range of leading edge psycho-therapeutic methods. Delivered from both a psychiatric and therapeutic angle, the whole team at Remedy believe in creating long term sustainable recovery, placing the client at the heart of their World Class treatment offering.

Why Choose a Luxury Alcohol Rehab Facility

One of the areas that separates luxury alcohol rehab from other forms of recovery is the enhanced methods used to enable healing. Many of the world’s best and most expensive rehab centers provide massage therapy, spa treatments, private gyms, swimming pools, and excursions. Why are these offered to guests? The enhanced recovery methods allow you to ease away stress and to re-build your body and mind.

Rehab isn’t a prison and attending a luxury rehab facility ensures that you get the best out of the experience. The environment and accommodation are all important parts of your well-being and recovery, so choosing a luxury rehab that exceeds expectations can make recovery enjoyable.

One to One Therapy

It isn’t just the accommodation and enhanced recovery methods that make luxury alcohol rehab ideal for individuals seeking help with addiction. Luxury rehabs often use holistic treatments that treat the entire individual. Guests can find customized programs that address their specific needs. These treatment plans are designed for one person’s recover, because no two people are alike.

Making luxury rehab price higher than your average rehab is the one to one therapy offered by many of the best centers. One to one therapy allows visitors to meet with counselors and physiatrists who devote time and energy to ending the client’s addiction. One to one therapy is possible due to low in-take numbers that only luxury treatment centers can offer.

Luxury rehab is an ideal way to recover and eliminate addiction. From relaxing environments to personalized care, luxury rehab offers long-lasting help with addiction.

What to Expect at a Luxury Alcohol Rehab Center

REMEDY Wellbeing is the most exclusive alcohol rehab in the World. Renowned for its attention, precision, honesty and transparency, Remedy Wellbeing was awarded Overall Winner: Worlds Best Rehab 2022.

Remedy Wellbeing deploys an approach to alcohol treatment that is confidential, discreet and non-judgemental with the aim of quickly identifying any underlying traumas and addiction causation. The team examine every element of dysfunctional behavior to successfully treat the mental, physical and spiritual self.

Remedy Wellbeing provides concierge care to busy professionals and executives who may only have a short time to focus on health and wellness, as well as individuals who want to concentrate on improving the overall quality of life.

Worlds Best Luxury Rehab

Awarded Worlds Best Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing was awarded Overall Winner, Worlds Best Luxury Rehab 2021 & 2022. The Remedy is without equal, and our programs and accommodations are unique and unmatched by any Luxury Rehab in the World

Winner of Worlds Best Rehab

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Luxury Drug Rehab

Luxury Drug Rehab

Luxury drug rehabilitation centers are residential or inpatient treatment programs which provide upscale amenities for their clients, which are generally considered similar to services offered in resorts. At luxury drug addiction treatment programs, you can usually expect to receive more personalized treatment than what you would receive at a community-based program. Luxury drug addiction treatment programs typically cost more than a traditional inpatient facility; however, the amenities offered and the beautiful surroundings may be helpful to supporting the individual in recovery.

Our unique approach is discreet, non-judgemental, and stress-free. If you feel that you, or someone you care about would benefit from being our guest, feel free to contact us:

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