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Remedy Wellbeing is a truly magnificent 6* mental health retreat and luxury addiction treatment center, treating just one client at a time (and their pets), in the most peaceful, serene and visually stunning properties in the World.


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What is Different about a Luxury Addiction Treatment Center?

Luxury Addiction Treatment Center

Healing from a drug or alcohol misuse takes time and effort, and one of the things luxury addiction treatment facilities such as Remedy Wellbeing provide is exceptional privacy and comfort so you can save your strength for your recovery.

Luxury Recovery is always the number one priority at REMEDY, the World’s Most Exclusive Treatment Center and Overall Winner of World’s Best Rehab 2022.

Guests enjoy a non-judgmental, discreet and individual program of recovery from a range of addiction & mental wellness concerns.

Luxury Addiction Treatment at Remedy Wellbeing

Why Luxury Addiction Treatment is Different

While all addiction treatment facilities may offer confidentiality, we make sure that your confidentiality is protected in our luxurious rehabilitation facilities. The advantage of going to a luxury rehab is that we are able to provide more options for helping with recovery and supporting the personal work that you are doing.

Overcoming an addiction is one of the hardest things a person can do. The process is long and difficult, requiring self-discipline and, frequently, a supportive network. For most people, it will become a lifelong task, and while it gets easier to live an addiction-free life, the risk of relapse is ever-present, especially if their addiction was to a readily available drug or activity, like alcohol or gambling. Rehab and recovery is a daunting task and one that has plenty of pitfalls and at Remedy Wellbeing our aim is to make your stay as comfortable as possible in our six-star luxury residences.

The 5 Stages of Luxury Addiction Treatment

The process of treating addiction goes through five stages: admission, detox, rehab, aftercare and recovery. These will not be identical for every individual; some may move back-and-forth between stages before becoming addiction free. Others may find that their treatment means stages overlap, and there’s a seamless transition without a clearly defined boundary. However, all individuals will recognize that, during their journey to fulfilling recovery, they passed through each stage.

Stage 1: Admission to luxury addiction treatment

For many individuals this is the hardest part because although this covers the administrative process of admission to luxury treatment, it also includes the admission of a problem. In most cases, until an individual recognizes they have an addiction they want to be free from, treatment can ineffective. It’s a vital step for an individual to have that goal, and to continue to aim for it even if there are setbacks along the road.

The process of admission to luxury addiction treatment covers all aspect of the guests life, looking at their addiction history, as well as their overall physical and mental health. When dealing with addiction it’s important to manage any co-occurring disorders such as burnout, depression and anxiety.

Stage 2: Detox in comfort

Detox, the first stage of becoming free from dependency, is physically and psychologically uncomfortable. Withdrawal symptoms can be harsh, a consequence of the body expelling toxins, and the brain suddenly finding itself without the chemicals it was used to, but being unable to adjust the brain chemistry accordingly.For some people the detox process can be dangerous, and even fatal, which is why it’s important, to choose a luxury addiction treatment center with full medical facilities. At Remedy Wellbeing Luxury Rehab if a guest requires detox this can be medically managed and we have a critical care team on standby.

By the end of a comfortable detox, no trace of any harful substance will remain in the system. While there will still be effects, these will be psychological, for example habits that have been formed, or cravings stimulated by the brain recognizing the drug is no longer present. Managing these will be part of the next stage of treatment.

Stage 3: Luxury Rehab

Remedy Wellbeing focuses on eight key areas that address an individual’s recovery. These areas include:

  • Medical Supervision
  • Intense Psychotherapy
  • Value, Determination & Process Approach
  • Biomolecular Restoration
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Treatment
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • 360 Degree Holistic methods
  • Spiritual Connection

There is a focus on a non-12 step approach to healing the individual. Mental health issues are often linked to imbalances with a person’s physical self. Remedy’s staff addresses these imbalances to help the entire person. Each guest will experience a discreet stay at the rehab enabling them to achieve their goals.

Stage 4: Luxury Sober Living

Guests from our Full Residential Remedy Program are usually well equipped for a return to a life well lived after their time with us. Sometimes they return home with one of our exceptional recovery companions, yet often they are simply excited to make a triumphant return. However, for some individuals struggling with addiction, returning to their home life too soon may result in relapse. After all, the triggers contributing to their addictive behaviors may still be present at home. Luxury sober living at Remedy is a chance for someone to continue their recovery in a beautiful island paradise, while focusing on personal development and building life skills that may prevent relapse.

Stage 5: Recovery

Getting to recovery is not easy, nor is staying in recovery, but it is possible and every year many thousands of people beat their addictions. While their willpower is a major part of their success, that success is much more likely when their self-discipline is underpinned by the support and guidance of the most exceptional addiction professionalsin the World.

In summary

Luxury addiction treatment means a lot more than just having butler. It means we treat you like a guest in our home and we never use the word ‘addict’. Remedy Wellbeing offers luxury facilities to rival those of any 6-star hotel while ensuring that guests have everything they need to make them comfortable. Remedy Wellbeing’s priority is to make guests feel relaxed and at home, with all their needs fully taken care of.

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Remedy Wellbeing was awarded Overall Winner, Worlds Best Luxury Rehab 2021 & 2022. The Remedy is without equal, and our programs and accommodations are unique and unmatched by any Luxury Rehab in the World

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Remedy Wellbeing is the only six-star rehab in the World to not prescribe abstinence. Many individuals are simply looking to cut down on their alcohol consumption and many are looking to quit for health reasons but are finding themselves unable. Of course, for many of our guests abstinence is required due to the grave medical situations in which they find themselves, but not all. Remedy Wellbeing helps you live life according to your highest values, whatever those values are.

Our unique approach is discreet, non-judgemental, and stress-free. If you feel that you, or someone you care about would benefit from being our guest, feel free to contact us:

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