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Remedy Wellbeing is a bespoke, luxury treatment center. This means we treat just one client at a time in our luxury 6* accommodations. All our properties are as unique as they are inspiring. We invite you to fall in love with this corner of the world, its exceptional climate and sea air. We call you to move at our pace, one that nurtures the important things in life; love, connection and togetherness.


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The Worlds Best Retreat

Understated elegance & unrivalled comfort. Our properties are thoughtfully crafted as your personal sanctuary. Nurturing you with nature’s sounds, sights and scents, our approach to wellness is simple; unique, personalized and bespoke targeted programmes for long-lasting wellbeing, restoring balance and bringing out your inner beauty at Remedy.

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Remedy Wellbeing is not simply an escape from a life of anxiety, depression, burnout or health concerns. It is the return to a life well lived.

Where rugged luxury meets therapeutic freedom. A private haven to connect with something larger than yourself. A retreat for talented executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists and celebrities to reconnect with themselves and the universe. A place of exquisite 360-degree mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Arrive with an open heart, and leave changed forever. This is luxury wellness with a purpose. A destination with meaning. This is REMEDY.

Remedy Wellbeing is an exceptional World Class retreat available on an Individual, Couple, Family or Long Term basis. Our retreats are designed to harmoniously blend leading edge therapeutic practice with ancient and modern holistic treatments. The results are nothing short of transformative.

We invite you to fall in love with our perfect climate and  sea air. We call you to move at our pace, one that nurtures the important things in life, family, community, laughter, healing & togetherness.

the best luxury mental health retreat in singapore

6* Mental Health Retreat


On a pristine island paradise in the Andaman Sea exists the REMEDY™, a place of outstanding physical, mental and universal wellbeing. The Remedy is part of the multi-award winning Remedy Wellbeing Group, the most exclusive treatment center in the World. Remedy Wellbeing has access to the best therapists and the most experienced holistic practioners and unique private residences. There are no group meetings at our retreats and every elemnent of youir experience is as unique as you are.

Wherever you are on your lifelong journey, find personalized guidance and proven expertise to inspire your well way of life. Remedy Wellbeing delivers exceptional, curated personalized services based on your wellness intentions, and the treatment of burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, dependencies and mental illness. Find sustainable recovery with the guidance of expert clinicians, the assistance of cutting-edge technology, and a custom-curated mix of evidence-based and holistic therapies.


Remedy Amenities

  • Private chef
  • Housekeeping
  • Business Facilities
  • Rocket Fast Wifi
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Guests experience service
  • Private airport transfer
  • Turndown service
  • Private Chef & Butler
  • Private Chauffeur
  • Maid services
  • Private excursions and day trips
  • Laundry service
  • High level of privacy & security
  • Television / audio systems
  • Extensive Wine menu (extra charge & upon request)

The Residences are surrounded by a lush green forest and vast waters of the Andaman Sea. As we only treat one indivdual, couple, family or group at a time, we are able to precisely tailor our holistic therapeutic approach to cater for each individuals needs. Therefore our care plans are uniquely adapted to each individual.

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Exoplore the Residences

Villa Lullabelle

Villa Lullabelle is our Signature Serviced Accommodation Residence for Individuals, Couples and  Families. At Villa Lulla You will discover the issues and behaviours that are affecting your life. You’ll receive total care while healing and recovering from negative blocks or past traumas. You’ll learn how to overcome your fears and become the person that you want to be, living the life you want to live, feeling reborn. Hidden inside us, is the power to change the destructive, exhausting patterns of thinking, behaviour, and their effects.

Villa Poppy

Villa Poppy is a Luxury Signature Retreat Residence where you can step out of your normal life and focus completely on yourself and your wellbeing. With exceptional surroundings, a magnificent visa and friendly professional staff, we take a holistic approach to your mental health needs – giving you the tools and for a complete life transformation. Remedy Wellbeing offers holistic health solutions to burnout, anxiety, stress and other challenges posed by the ever-changing demands of life. Villa Poppy at Remedy is a place to reconnect with your inner self and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit surrounded by nature.

Villa Olivia

Remedy Wellbeing is a bespoke, luxury treatment center. Accommodating large family offices and security teams, Villa Olivia has been described by Luxury Wellness Magazine as ‘Beyond Luxury’. It is a private, international facility with a focus on private programs tailored to each individual in luxurious settings. It is a private, international facility with a focus on private programs tailored to each individual in absolute comfort.

Luxury Villa at Remedy
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Luxury Villa at Remedy

Remedy Wellbeing Adventures on the High Seas

Remedy Wellbeing has been described by Luxury Wellness Magazine as ‘Beyond Luxury’. It is a private, international facility with a focus on private programs tailored to each individual in luxurious settings, Remedy Wellbeing Singapore specializes in caring for clients struggling with burnout, anxiety, depression, destructive behaviors & trauma.

Remedy Wellbeing provides the ultimate privacy for guests. With a particular focus on psychotherapy, biochemical restoration and DNA testing for mental health. Remedy clients live life according to their own values. Guests stay in some of the most magnificent properties in the World, and can be welcomed aboard our very own private 125ft yacht that sails the magical Andaman Sea.

Authentic and untamed. Take the path less traveled with Remedy Wellbeing Singapore to experience a once-in-a-lifetime yachting adventure in the remote and rugged vistas of the Andaman Sea. Here, with the Remedy Wellbeing team, individuals, couples and families families of all ages can repair the broken circuitry of life sailing crystal waters, diving, snorkeling, freediving & exploring uninhabited islands while reconnecting with themselves, and each other.

Remedy Wellbeing Yacht Retreat
Remedy Wellbeing Yacht Singapore